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Fence Cleaning & Staining Services

Fence restoration, sealing, and preservation is a staple in the TimberGuard line of services.  Whether your deck is newly installed or 30 years old, TimberGuard's process can protect and preserve your new investment or restore it back to its natural beauty with our cleaning and staining process, making it look like new again.  Without protection, sun and moisture damage can take a new fence and begin to grey it out within less than a year.  This process of degradation is even faster with soft woods such as cedar. 

Restoration of an older weathered fence begins with the application of our restorative cleaners.  This detergent oxidizes the wood's surface and lifts the dirt, mold and mildew to enable a safe low pressure cleaning of the surface.  It also acts to kill any mold, mildew, and algae growth without any damage to surrounding plants and vegetation.   Following the cleaning process, a conditioner and wood brightener is applied to the surface.  Our wood conditioner and brightener act to open the pores of the wood for enhanced sealer penetration.  It also pulls tannin stains and discoloration out of the wood.  Once dry, this leaves the fence with a near new appearance with regard to color and provides a great base for the staining process.

After completely dry, the fence is now ready for stain.  TimberGuard uses contractor grade penetrating oil finishes.  These finishes not only replenish oils back into the wood and enhance the wood's natural beauty, but also provide optimal protection against damaging UV radiation.  To see available finishing colors, please visit the Finishing Colors page. 

To schedule your no-obligation free estimate on your pine, cedar or redwood fence, call a TimberGuard Professional today at (612) 666-5821.  For your convenience, you may also submit a request through our Contact Us page.