Woodcare Professionals


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Deck & Fence Restoration Process:

Step 1: Free Evaluation & Estimate

A TimberGuard representative will provide you a free on-site evaluation of your project and deliver an estimate detailing our unsurpassed restoration and preservation process.    

Step 2: Cleaning/Stripping
A certified technician will completely clean and strip your wooden structure of any failing finish, mildew, fungus or weathered wood fibers. This is done with various environmentally safe detergents, strippers and a low pressure cleaning technique. 

Step 3: Brightening/Neutralizing
Once cleaned, we will apply a brightening agent, lightening any dark areas and neutralizing the boards' ph, preparing them to accept sealer and/or stain.

Step 4: Sealing 
Our technicians will seal your wooden structure with an internal sealant. This sealant is a one-time application.  It is specially formulated to ensure removal of all moisture from the wood by way of working itself through the wood's vascular pathway and sealing all capillary fibers of the wood, removing any and all free water AND bound water with its cedar oil base, quartz derivatives, and silica solution.

Step 5: Buffing/Sanding

Our technicians will buff and sand your deck to remove any residual finish, splinters or impurities- paying special attention to all handrails and benches.

Step 6: Staining 
If desired, our technicians will stain your wooden structure with the finishing color of your choice. To view available color options, please visit the FINISHING COLORS page.  Prior to staining we will protect your home, patios, walkways, and vegetation with plastic and/or tarps.