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TimberGuard provides cleaning and staining services to log homes and homes with cedar siding in and around the Twin Cities area.  If you have a home that is in need of maintenance services, call us today at (612) 666-5821 and we would be happy to work with you on protecting and maintaining your investment.

TimberGuard Log and Cedar 
Home Restoration and Maintenance Services Include:


We provide both chemical and mechanical finish removal for log and cedar homes based on your home's needs.  Chemical finish removal works well on the majority of finishes and is often a more cost effective method of removal.  This is a low pressure approach to removing the finish by allowing the cleaning product to dissolve the existing finish, thereby allowing us to safely wash it from the surface.  On a more stubborn finish, such as a heavy acrylic, media blasting will often be required.  Media blasting is the general term that describes a process of corn cob blasting or glass blasting your home's exterior.  With this process, a blasting media specific to the finish to be removed is used to essentially sand blast it off the surface.  Media grit and size will determine how aggressive the process is overall, but with this we can remove the failed finish and leave a smooth ready to stain surface on your home.  With more aggressive blasting (think paint removal), some extensive sanding will often be required prior to staining.


Energy efficiency is of utmost importance to modern day home owners, and the caulking and chinking within your home has a direct effect on your cost of comfort.  TimberGuard provides caulking and chinking services for new and existing log homes in addition to performing cutouts and repairs.  It is imperative that your logs be air and water tight. Annual maintenance and checkups will ensure that your home remains warm, comfortable, and affordable year round.


While log homes are absolutely stunning in appearance, they do have more maintenance concerns than your standard brick or vinyl home.  Being that the home is constructed of wood inside and out, insects are always a major concern.  TimberGuard provides borate application services and can install impel rods as needed to protect your home from Mother Nature's wood loving critters.  Borates act as an insurance policy to your home in one sense.  Once applied, they recrystallize inside the log and remain dormant unless moisture absorbs into the log itself.  Should moisture enter the log, the borate becomes soluble and acts as a poison to wood-boring insects such as carpenter ants and powder post beetles.  When the log dries out, the borate again recrystallizes, remaining active but dormant in the wood.

Impel rods are a compressed form of a borate that work well on log ends and highly susceptible areas of your log home.


The most important part of protecting and maintaining your home lies in the sealant applied to the exterior.  It acts as the barrier between mother nature and your home that protects the exterior from the elements.  Properly applying a good quality finish and performing routine maintenance and inspections on the performance of the finish is imperative to ensuring your home outlasts you.  When finishes are allowed to surpass their expected life without being replaced, damage can set in that can costs thousands to repair.  

If your home is in need of maintenance or restoration, please give us a call today at (612) 666-5821 to schedule your free estimate!   For your convenience, you may also submit a request through our Contact Us page.